La gente si accalca intorno al chiosco

A sinistra il chioschetto dell'epoca a destra la pista da ballo


La Baita was founded in 1962, from an idea of Mr. Santini Quirino, as a little bar serving a bowling alley and a dance floor.
At that time, Quirino sold sandwiches and drinks to players and people dancing Juke-Box music.
Ten years later, Quirino and his son Lucio ended building the restaurant. On 2nd of September, the first banquet was organized, with the collaboration of Giancarla, Lucio’s wife..
Year by year, the restaurant has been expanded up to the current 400 seats. Around the restaurant there are a swimming-pool, comfortable gazebos and a large garden.
Despite the high number of seats, the administration is still conducted by the family. Lucio and his wife Giancarla with their children Barbara, sommelier, and Giorgio, professional taster of oil, pay a lot of attention to the quality of typical and local products to use.

Quirino Santini, a sinistra, insieme ad alcuni affezionati clienti

Vista della pista da ballo gremita di gente

Vista del chiosco a destra con il piazzale a sinistra gremito di automobili L'idea di Quirino piaceva a spettatori e ballerini di tutte le età Un altro momento di ballo alla Baita

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